SOCIAL INTERACTIONS: 15 point maximum

The judges will view each contestant on how well they interact with judges, contestants, and public at the Meet & Greet and throughout the next day. 

INTERVIEW: 40 points maximum

Each contestant will meet with the panel of judges and respond to whatever questions they may ask. This is one of the most important sessions of the contest and has the highest point value. 

The judges will be scoring on intelligence, personality, ability to communicate and general ability to fulfill the role of Washington State Mr./Ms./Mx. Leather.

Keep your answers clear, concise, and to the point. 

The interviews will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on the number of contestants. Appropriate dress would be “Leather Casual”.

WASHINGTON IMAGE: 15 points maximum

Contestants will appear wearing their take, or interpretation, on Washington Image.

This would be what one sees and/or is “on the streets” here in Washington.

This would be”the outside look” versus the Bar Wear look or the Formal Leather Image  look. (Three Different Looks that Reflect the Contestant).

This will be the time that the Emcee takes the opportunity for contestants to “introduce” themselves to the attending crowd. The Emcee will ask a few questions gleaned from contestant application or general questions like “Where did you grow up, and what was that experience like?” or “What is your favorite travel spot in Washington?”

CRUISE-BAR WEAR: 15 points maximum

Each contestant is introduced to the audience wearing “Leather” (Cruise/Bar Wear) or other appropriate attire of their choice, which best exemplifies their characteristics of a Leather Person.

POP QUESTION: 15 points maximum

Each contestant will be asked a pop question that has been written by the judges and is chosen by the contestant. 

After the MC reads the question, you will have 1 minute to answer the question to the best of your ability. 

Scoring will be on general stage presence (level of comfort in front of an audience) and the ability to quickly come up with a response to the questions asked. 

Listen carefully to the MC when they read the question, and you have the right to ask the MC to repeat it if you are unsure of what they said. You also may take a moment of time after it is read to develop your answer. 

LEATHER IMAGE: 15 points maximum

Contestants will dress in a look of their choosing.

Judging will be based on how well the contestant wears their look, as well as, comfortability in the clothing.

No Point Requirements

Washington State Leather Organization

Disability Clause