2024 Washington State Leather Contest

Letter from the WSLO President - Miss Yolanda

Hello, Leather Community. 

We hope that you enjoyed our 2024 Washington State Leather Contest. 

We would like to thank the many people who made this year’s contest possible. 

Thank you to our contestants: Daddy J, Bee Cozy, Cherub Onyx, River, and Kittn Bootblack. 

It is a most harrowing experience to stand in front of your community and judges and say, ‘chose me.’ Each of you represented yourselves with vulnerability and truth. You should be proud of all your efforts. We hope that you each learned from this experience, and we look forward to watching your continuing growth along your Leather journeys. 


Thank you to our Judges: Cinder Welpe, Rick Ruben, Pony Girl Ginger, Gabriel Manila Marche, Michael Penhallegon, Emerald ONYX, Pup Domino, and girl Calyco. 

You were diligent in taking on the challenging task of scoring and selecting our 2024 WSLO Title Family. We are thankful for your time and energy. We look forward to continuing to partner with you and your respective organizations in the future.

Thank you to our Emcees: Boy Debit Rockefeller and Danny Lugus. 

You made the perfect team and provided a calm yet fun environment for the contestants and the audience. Special thanks to Debit for the impromptu donation of your beautiful coat. The funds raised will help support this year’s titleholders. 


Thank you to our ASL Interpreters: Jack, Topher, and Dave. 

Your continued support of our organization and events is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing and increase in partnership between MW Interpreting and the Leather community.


Thank you to our performer, Olympia 52 Emprex Jessica Manilla Paradisco St Laurent. 

Your performance was beautiful and fun. We look forward to future collaborations and supporting you throughout your reign. 

Thank you to our volunteers: Malixe, Jeremy, Henry, Oliver, Cedar, Pup Tye, Christina, Damion Sinister-Heart, Sacred Heart, Fin, Tally, Rain, Rose, Gunner, Kate, and Nikki. We could not have supported our contestants, judges, and community without you stepping up to provide service. Malixe Photo your decades of documenting Washington State Leather contests and events is vitally important and held in the highest regard. Jeremy and Henry, as tally masters, you are an invaluable key to the success and integrity of our contest. 


Thank you to our venues: CCs Seattle, Neighbours Night Club, and the LumberYard Bar.

Partnering with each of your establishments provided a unique experience for each of the events of the weekend. Thank you, Chris, for the hospitality and support that CCs Seattle provided as we opened the weekend; the snacks were delicious. Thank you, Roxy, for allowing us to bring the contest back to Neighbours after 25 years. Thank you, LumberYard, for your varied menu items, wonderful service, and pickles. 

Thank you to our Leather Emerald Award recipients: CCs Seattle, Seattle Pups and Handlers and 2023 Washington State Bootblack AJ. Each of our recipients provided valuable support to our community through the creation of spaces that have helped our community to grow and have new opportunities for connection. 

Thank you to my left-hand person, Jessie. Without you stepping up in so many ways, many portions of this year’s contest would not have happened. From creation of the contest soundtrack, slide show, and tech boot coordination to supporting the contestants throughout the contest, I deeply appreciate everything you have done and the person you are. I could not have done this without you. 

And finally, but most importantly, Thank you to Our community. Your support, your honesty, your expectations, and feedback have made us better. We are thankful that you allow us to continue to serve and contribute to the Washington Leather community.

With Love in Leather, 

WSLO Board

Miss Yolanda – President