Title Holder Contest Participation Policy:

With approval from the Board of Directors, the Washington State Title Holder has the option to compete at the Northwest or International contest during the year following the completion of their title step-down.

  • Financial support from WSLO is limited to airfare and entry fees and will be provided once per titleholder.
  • If the titleholder is unable to compete for their chosen Northwest or International title in the year following their step-aside, they may appeal to the board for support in a later year.
  • If the current titleholder does not intend to run for the same international title, the appeal will be considered.
  • Priority sponsorship will always be given to the current titleholder who is stepping aside.

Washington State Title Holder Advertising Requirement:

Washington State Title Holders are obligated to assist in selling enough advertisements in The Washington State Leather and Bootblack Program for the Contest of their step-aside to cover all printing costs of the program.

Fundraising Requirements for Title Holders:

During your title year, you are required to organize a minimum of two (2) fundraisers.

Twenty percent (20%) of all proceeds generated from fundraisers hosted by Washington State Title Holders will be allocated directly to the Washington State Leather Organization, with the remaining eighty percent (80%) designated for the chosen beneficiary. The selected beneficiary must be an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization.

Additionally, Washington State Bootblacks have the option to contribute bootblacking tips from an event, which will count towards fulfilling one of the required fundraisers.

Appearance Requirements for Washington State Title Holders:

Washington State Title Holders are obligated to attend the Washington State Mr., Ms., and Mx. Leather and Bootblack Contest the following year for their step-aside ceremony.

In addition, they must participate in at least two (2) Northwest Leather and/or Fetish Title events or fundraisers. Examples include SEA-PAH Best in Show, NW Puppy and Handler, SML Daddy/Daddy’s boy, Imperial Court Coronation, Leather Reign, among others.

All other appearances are at the discretion of the title holder. Washington State Bootblacks must publicly provide bootblacking services at a minimum of two (2) events.Top of Form

Washington State Title Holders are requested to attend various social events throughout Washington State throughout the year, such as WSLO Monthly Socials and Pride Events.

Conduct Guidelines for Title Holders in Liquor Establishments

Title Holders must maintain a dignified and professional standard during their year as community representatives. When in a Liquor Establishment, Title Holders must adhere to the laws outlined in WAC 314-11-050.

Title Holders Contract Requirement

The winners of the Washington State Mr., Ms., Mx., and Bootblack contest are required to enter into a formal contract with the Washington State Leather Organization. This contract outlines the obligations and responsibilities associated with holding the title.

Requirements for Titleholders and Consequences of Non-Compliance

Upon assuming the title, you are required to fulfill all aforementioned public appearances and fundraising obligations, culminating in your step-down weekend. Failure to meet these requirements, for any reason, may result in the forfeiture of your recognition as the year’s titleholder.

Code of Conduct and Consequences for Titleholders

If, at any time, the WSLO board receives reports of behavior—whether historical and undisclosed on your application or occurring in the future—that is deemed racist, sexist, misogynistic, ageist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, constitutes consent violations, nonconsensual predatory behavior, physical, mental, or emotional abuse or harassment, or abuse of power, you will be summoned for board review.

Based on the outcome of this review, you may face revocation of your title, necessitating the return of the sash/stole and patch.

Protocol for Early Termination of Title Responsibilities

In the event that you decide to relinquish your title responsibilities before the conclusion of your title year, you are required to return the title sash/stole and patch.


WAC 314-11-050